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Introducing "Leaders & Legacies," a partnership with the Daily Herald

Brooks McCormick's Legacy for DuPage County, including co-founding DuPage Foundation

Did you see us in the Daily Herald? DuPage Foundation is pleased to work with the Daily Herald to deliver the "Leaders & Legacies" series of articles authored by our own Alice Wood. The goal is to inform readers of the philanthropic benefits the DuPage County community enjoys, thanks to those who came before us.

In case you missed it, the Daily Herald has made the link to the series open and free (no log in needed to read it on the Daily Herald's website).

Enjoy this first story about Brooks McCormick, one of DuPage Foundation's three co-founders, and how he used his wealth and philanthropic intent to create many legacies for our region, including DuPage Foundation itself.

Thanks to Mr. McCormick and the thousands of people who followed his lead, DuPage Foundation has granted more than $55 million into the community, Doing a World of Good in Our Own Backyard.®

Learn more about DuPage Foundation's Legacy Society

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