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Private Foundation Transfers

Administering a private foundation under IRS rules can be burdensome and expensive. Transferring the assets into a donor-advised fund at the DuPage Foundation provides a simple and cost-effective alternative that will free you to focus on your charitable passions and ensure that your foundation's identity and charitable impact continue into the future.

Advantages of Transferring a Private Foundation to a Donor-Advised Fund

  • Ensure the preservation of your foundation's charitable intent and identity.
  • Alleviate administrative burdens; no separate tax return to file.
  • Potentially lower your operating costs.
  • No annual distribution requirement; recommend grants on your own timetable. 
  • Flexible investment options.
  • Anonymity if desired.
  • Enjoy greater tax benefits on future contributions.
  • No excise taxes.
  • Receive assistance identifying and vetting charities and funding opportunities.
  • Guarantee opportunities for continued input and involvement for your family and other representatives you choose.
  • Free yourself to focus on your mission and grantmaking.

The content provided above and throughout this website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as or relied upon as legal or tax advice. The DuPage Foundation does not provide legal or tax advice and recommends that you consult with your tax attorney and other members of your professional advisor team before proceeding with a liquidation, dissolution or termination of a private foundation or any other charitable gift.     

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