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legacy society

DuPage Foundation’s Legacy Society honors those generous, forward-thinking donors who have made a commitment to secure DuPage County’s future by including the Foundation in their estate plans. These planned gifts can do something truly transformative in the community and for the causes they love most.

You can create a lasting legacy by utilizing a will, living trust, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, insurance policy or qualified retirement plan. DuPage Foundation's role is to receive, administer, and provide ongoing stewardship of your planned gift to ensure your intentions are honored. 

In May 2021, DuPage Foundation began a partnership with the Daily Herald newspaper to bring you "Leaders & Legacies: Stories of Local Impact." This recurring series will highlight the inspiring stories of local individuals, families and businesses that have made or are making a lasting impact for our community through their generosity and leadership.

In case you missed it, the Daily Herald has made links to the series’ articles open and free (no log in needed to read it on the Daily Herald's website). See all of the articles here

Everyone can create a legacy for their community and favorite causes through DuPage Foundation. Contact us today to learn more, or check out these pages on our website:

Create a planned gift for the future

Make a difference today

DuPage Foundation Legacy Society Members

  • Anonymous (107)
  • Gary R. and Margaret A. Babbitt
  • Phillip L. and Judith E. Barnett
  • Howard C.* and Shirley* Benson
  • Herbert J. Bock*
  • Ronald R. Bork*
  • Jerry C.* and Betty J.* Bradshaw
  • Nancy E. Bruss*
  • John J. Bryant*
  • Stephen M. and Emily L. Burt
  • Cleve E. Carney*
  • Linda S. Carpenter
  • Susanne S. Cassell*
  • Ruth* and Hugh* Christ
  • Edward S. and Shirley J. Crawford
  • RC and Lorraine Crompton
  • Donald T. Dennerlein
  • James E.* and Marie A. Drasal
  • Lloyd E.* and Mary C.* Eckerson
  • Burton E.* and Patricia A. Ericson
  • Douglas G. and Martha R. Eyles
  • Jack W. and Joan E. Fiene
  • Diane V. Fox*
  • Vincent J. and Susan L. Furman
  • James Gates*
  • Richard E. and Elizabeth W. Geyer
  • Leonard J.* and Barbara A. Giblin
  • Carrie A. and Robert G. Gibson
  • George N. Gilkerson Jr.*
  • Willis M. Gillett*
  • Howard G. Goldstein and Peggy A. McGrath
  • James W. Hebert
  • Jane Henderson*
  • Alan D. and Jane M. Hoffmann
  • Sharon A. and James M. Huck Jr.
  • Frank C. and Carolyn Hudetz
  • Elizabeth L. Jens*
  • Martha J. Johnson
  • Melvin E.* and M. Joyce* Johnson
  • Arthur J.* and Mary* Kolar
  • Kathleen Lamonica Krochock
  • William E. Kronenberg
  • Richard W. and Mary S. Kuhn
  • Richard J. and Susan M. Lamb
  • William D. Latura and Deborah S. Hartman
  • Paul F. and Eileen M. LeFort
  • Paul J. and Coleen J. Lehman
  • Grace Lopatka*
  • David M. and Mary A. McGowan
  • Charles B. and Kathleen A. McKenna
  • Robert V.* and Laurie K. McMahon
  • Jack E. and Kathleen G. Mensching
  • William H. Mitchell
  • Joseph S.* and Joan S. Morrissey
  • Hon. Kenneth J. Moy
  • Ernest J. and Diane M. Mrozek
  • Karl W. and Jeanne M. Mueller
  • Ramon A. Mulholland*
  • Gwendolyn S. Mundell*
  • Charlotte L. Mushow
  • Brien J. and Carolyn J. Nagle
  • Jean C. Neill*
  • Timothy J. Newmann
  • Ellen Noth
  • Bradley G. and Bonnie J. Phil
  • Alyse S. and Jeffery A. Pleiter
  • Steven J. and Laurie Reitman
  • Albert A.* and Mimi Rose
  • Michael J. and Mary T. Schroeck
  • Judith May Schroeder*
  • Thomas R. Scott
  • F. Ronald and Carol L. Seager
  • Steve E. and Megan M. Shebik
  • Nancy E. Sindelar*
  • Michael R. and Elizabeth E. Sitrick
  • Dianne M. Skeet*
  • James M. and Ruth Ann Snodgrass
  • John W. Squire*
  • David A. Stelzner and Nicki J. Krafft
  • Lenora J. Su, M.D.
  • Darlene R. Swartz
  • Carol Bernhardt Syme
  • Charlie A. Thurston*
  • Mark M. and Barbara L. Turner
  • Theodore M. Utchen*
  • Mary L. Voigt*
  • Mary Eleanor* and James M.* Wall
  • Michael and Deborah A. Welgat
  • Donald* and Dorothy B.* White
  • Les A. and Mary E. Wiberg
  • Carson R. and Dawn C. Yeager



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