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Is your business doing well and looking to do some good by giving back? If so, DuPage Foundation can help. Whether you are seeking to learn more about potential causes and organizations to support, or are in search of a partner to help you manage a corporate charitable fund in lieu of creating your own foundation, we can assist you.

Our expert staff know the local charitable landscape and can help identify and focus your business' goals, introduce you to and help vet potential organizations, and craft and execute a personalized plan to facilitate your business' giving that will provide you with the highest degree of efficiency, flexibility and simplicity. 

Businesses that give annually to several charities may wish to consider establishing a corporate donor-advised fund with us. Through a corporate donor-advised fund, your business can streamline its grantmaking to support the causes and organizations that matter most to you and your employees. We manage the fund administration, investments and vetting process. You focus on giving back to the causes that align with your mission. It's that simple.

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