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Professional Advisors

As trusted professional advisors, your clients rely on you for guidance when engaging in philanthropy and charitable planning. The DuPage Foundation recognizes this and is here to assist you in helping identify and accomplish optimal charitable solutions for your clients.  

Our broad expertise in charitable giving strategies and deep knowledge of the local charitable landscape make us the perfect partner to add value for your clients who are charitably inclined. From conference calls and in-person consultations, to site visits to local charities, we can help you clarify their objectives, streamline their current and future giving and craft personalized plans that will allow them to achieve their goals with maximum flexibility and tax efficiency. 

In addition to helping you serve your clients, we are deeply committed to being a knowledge base and convening partner for you. In that regard, we offer periodic continuing education programs and networking events to help you keep apprised of the latest developments in charitable planning and connect you with peers who share your commitment to making philanthropy an integral part of their practices.