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Spring 2022 Grant Recipients

Total 2022 Health & Human Services Grants: $678,380
  • Funded by Betty M. Bock Fund
    To support the children’s program to break the cycle of poverty for youth whose families are homeless.

  • To engage foster youth ages 12 and older in goal setting and the development of life skills and self-advocacy as they prepare for independence.

  • To support the Emergency Services and Homeless Prevention program by providing financial assistance and case management to DuPage County residents who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness.

  • To support case management to educate, support and link clients to community services necessary to maximize the potential for successful partner abuse intervention outcomes.

  • To support the Dental Clinic which provides free dental care to low-income families in DuPage.

  • To support the DuPage County Child and Family Connections program in meeting the therapeutic needs of children ages birth to three with developmental disabilities and their families.

  • To support education, outreach and training that helps people with disabilities gain computer assistive technology skills for self-sufficiency.

  • Funded by Betty M. Bock Fund and a pass-through gift from Betty W. Smykal
    To provide case management, stabilizing services and intensive support to end homelessness for families utilizing DuPagePads' network of Emergency Temporary (hotel-placed) Housing.

  • To provide comprehensive behavioral, mental, and social health services for children/families with developmental disabilities.

  • Funded by Harbaugh Family Fund
    To support the Pregnancy Support Services program that provides free in-home education and support to pregnant and/or parenting clients.

  • Funded by Paula K. Partipilo Fund
    For operating expenses and supplies to support programs focused on reducing child abuse and neglect.

  • Funded by Robert and Laurie McMahon Family Fund
    To purchase a printer and tablets for client pantry registration and laptop computers for volunteer registrations and management.

  • Funded by pass-through gift from The McWethy Foundation
    To assist with the cost of facility usage fees and provide salary support for a new Program Support Assistant.

  • Funded by pass-through gift from Molex
    To provide in-home technologies that will enhance care and access for adults experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Partially funded by a pass-through gift from the McWethy Foundation
    To support the emergency financial assistance and car donation programs to provide DuPage County residents with economic stability and healthy, productive lives.

  • To support the LOVE HELP financial assistance program that helps low-income DuPage County families maintain their housing during a temporary financial crisis.

  • To support the Spread the Health program that provides financial assistance for low-income residents to access dental care that Medicare does not cover and that they are unable to afford.

  • To support wraparound services to help clients with mental illness achieve recovery.

  • To purchase a new or late-model cargo van for the Wayne food pantry to pick up recovered food from area grocers.

  • Funded by Harbaugh Family Fund and Freedman-Sindelar Family Fund
    To support mental health screening, assessment, crisis intervention, and treatment services to low-income children, adolescents, adults, and families in DuPage County.

  • To support the Take 50 Foods to Encourage program that provides increased access to highly nutritious foods for DuPage County member agencies.

  • To support a new Senior Clinical Officer position to plan Outreach Community Counseling Center’s future growth into additional low-income neighborhoods in DuPage County.

  • Funded by Freedman-Sindelar Family Fund
    To expand the Recovery Coaching initiative that provides support to those in early recovery from substance abuse.

  • To support the Care for Cars program and improve the functionality of the Westmont food pantry’s entryway.

  • Funded by Edward & Minnie Ceragioli Fund
    To support rent expenses for the program that provides women, with limited income, professional clothing to wear for a job search and subsequently for work.

  • Partially funded by Harbaugh Family Fund
    To support the start-up costs of the Behavioral Health Clinic that will provide mental health support for people with disabilities with a dual diagnosis.

  • Funded by Martha J. Johnson Fund
    To support the Mental Health Access program which provides fee-subsidized mental health counseling services to qualified under-resourced individuals, couples and families in DuPage County.

  • Partially funded by Freedman-Sindelar Family Fund
    To support the Good Night's Sleep program by providing beds and cribs for DuPage County families who are at or below the poverty level.

  • Funded by Martha J. Johnson Fund
    To provide visual services and glasses to very low-income and at-risk individuals with vision impairments and/or a medical diagnosis requiring an annual vision exam and screening.

  • Funded by Betty M. Bock Fund
    To support the Adolescent Family Strengthening programs, which provide a continuum of support, education, and resources to teenage parents and their children.

  • To support trauma-informed, community-based mental health services for low-income youth and young adults.

  • To support the purchase of equipment for the new food pantry location and provide emergency assistance to York Township residents.

  • Partially funded by Andi Stelzner Fund
    To support the Variety@Play program to provide adaptive sport and recreation events for DuPage County children with disabilities and their families.

  • Funded by Freedman-Sindelar Family Fund
    To support the purchase of new winter coats for children in need.

  • To support the Food for Health program.

  • Partially funded by Silver Heart Foundation
    To support wellness and educational programs for LGBTQ+ youth and youth-serving adults to create a more welcoming, tolerant, and safe community for all youth in DuPage County.

  • Funded by Paula K. Partipilo Fund
    To support the Project HELP Parent Mentor program and Parent Education Workshops that build on family strength, foster family resilience, and minimize the risk of child abuse and neglect.

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