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Spring 2023 Grant Recipients

Total 2023 Health & Human Services Grants: $899,076
  • (Funded by the Betty M. Bock Fund, Harbaugh Family Fund, and Molex)
    To provide safe and developmentally-appropriate emergency shelter and support services that will meet the basic needs of youth ages 18-24 who are experiencing homelessness in DuPage County.

  • To provide kitchen equipment and essential household supplies to families leaving homelessness for independent living through the New Start program.

  • (Partially funded by the Betty M. Bock Fund and Harbaugh Family Fund)
    To support the Children’s Program to break the cycle of poverty for youth (ages 0 to 21) who are experiencing homelessness.

  • To support the Emergency Services and Homeless Prevention Program in providing financial support and case management to DuPage County residents who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness.

  • (Funded by an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To support partner abuse intervention and aftercare services to prevent intimate partner violence and end intergenerational cycles of abuse.

  • (Partially funded by Joan Morrissey)
    To support the Dental Clinic to provide free dental care to individuals and families in DuPage County with household income at or below 200%.

  • (Partially funded by an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To support the DuPage County Child and Family Connections program in meeting the therapeutic needs of children ages birth to three with developmental disabilities and their families.

  • To support job placement services and assistive technology workshops for individuals with disabilities.

  • (Funded by The Hillcrest Fund)
    To purchase racking systems for two mobile tool trucks to support the home repair program and enable Habitat to increase the number of homeowners served.

  • (Partially funded by an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To support families served by DHC with learning experiences focusing on using the health system efficiently, managing chronic illness, and understanding the signs and symptoms of mental illness.

  • (Funded by the Betty M. Bock Fund and an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To provide families with children experiencing homelessness with centralized access to 24-hour emergency shelter, food, and connections to case management and intensive support to improve stability.

  • To provide the psycho-social support and tools that children and parents need to cope with the grief, stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges that accompany disabilities.

  • (Funded by the Pane e Pesci Fund)
    To provide financial assistance to members of the Elmhurst community in need.

  • (Funded by the Harbaugh Family Fund)
    To support the Pregnancy Support Services program that provides free in-home education and support to pregnant and/or parenting clients.

  • (Funded by the Paula K. Partipilo Fund)
    To provide home visiting services to help parents support their children's cognitive, emotional, and social development during their first years of life.

  • (Funded by the Edward & Minnie Ceragioli Fund)
    To support the Adaptive Horsemanship Programs, Speech-Language Therapy and Veteran Horsemanship Group to build self confidence and enrich the lives of individuals with special needs.

  • (Funded by the Robinwood Legacy Fund and an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To purchase a language communication tool that allows for real-time, natural conversation with clients, no matter the language, disability, device or location.

  • To support the Empowering Community Connection and Opportunity Project that will create a healthy community through mental health support and on-site care.

  • To support adolescent and child mental health through counseling and familial support.

  • To provide health services to those who face barriers to healthcare access, connect residents to services, and provide outreach.

  • (Funded by Molex)
    To support respite services for children with special needs, their siblings, and their caregivers.

  • (Partially funded by the Pane e Pesci Fund)
    To support emergency financial assistance and car donation programs to provide DuPage County residents with economic stability and healthy, productive lives.

  • (Partially funded by the McWethy Foundation)
    To support the LOVE HELP homeless prevention financial assistance program that assists low-income DuPage County families in maintaining their housing during a temporary financial crisis.

  • To provide financial assistance to low-income residents that qualify for services that Medicare does not cover.

  • To educate immigrant seniors about public benefits and to provide them with assistance to access them.

  • (Funded by an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To provide operating support to deliver services in early childhood education, mental health, parent/grandparent education, adoption support, domestic violence shelter and prevention, and legal aid.

  • (Funded by an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To create networking and support for families in DuPage County who have lost someone to opiate poisoning death with the purpose of wellness for traumatized families.

  • (Partially funded by the Pane e Pesci Fund)
    To provide 1:1 peer counseling; staff the Living Room, support ER admissions at Good Samaritan Hospital, staff PD CONNECT, and offer comprehensive wraparound services to help clients achieve recovery

  • (Partially funded by the Pane e Pesci Fund)
    To provide up to 200 low-income seniors with professional social services coordination and case management support from a social services coordinator, allowing them to live independently.

  • (Funded by the Snodgrass Family Fund)
    To update the information technology infrastructure at all six pantry locations.

  • (Funded by the Betty M. Bock Fund and Harbaugh Family Fund)
    To support mental health screening, assessment, crisis intervention, and treatment services to low-income children, adolescents, adults, and families in DuPage County.

  • To support the Take 50 Foods to Encourage grant for member agencies in DuPage County that allows them to provide healthy food options for our neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

  • To be used to purchase furnishings for the new facility at the Wheaton Campus.

  • To provide for the out-of-pocket medical expenses for clients in the residential program which preserves their monthly income.

  • (Funded by Martha J. Johnson Fund and an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To support rent expenses to provide free clothing and household goods to people in need.

  • (Funded by the Robinwood Legacy Fund)
    To support the Ride Assist program by bringing on 30 new volunteers that will drive seniors to their medical appointments.

  • To support the expansion of the community resource room equipment for substance use disorder and behavioral health education, and for the women’s gym and women’s Medication Assisted Recovery bedroom.

  • To support the Good Night's Sleep Program by providing brand-new twin beds and cribs for low-income children and babies in DuPage County who do not have their own to sleep each night.

  • (Funded by an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To support a December holiday celebration for families in DuPage and neighboring counties who have children with special needs.

  • (Partially funded by Martha J. Johnson Fund and an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To support a comprehensive visual rehabilitation program that empowers individuals with vision loss to optimize their remaining visual capabilities and independence.

  • (Funded by the Betty M. Bock Fund and an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To support Adolescent Family Strengthening Programs, which provide a continuum of support, education, and resources to teenage parents and their children.

  • To support trauma-informed mental health services focused on underserved youth and young adults in DuPage County.

  • (Funded by the Harbaugh Family Fund)
    To increase the supply of fresh food grown within the region for the purposes of improving food access and equity for households facing food insecurity.

  • To purchase a van to pick up donated food and other items from retail stores and to support the Walk-in-Assistance program.

  • (Partially funded by the Langert Foundation and an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To support the purchase and distribution of new winter coats, hats, and gloves to children in need.

  • (Funded by the Harbaugh Family Fund)
    To educate West Chicago parents on specific topics related to their teenager's mental health that will ultimately enable parents to better engage and support their child.

  • (Partially funded by the Pane e Pesci Fund)
    To assist clients with government applications for stabilizing service benefits such as SNAP and LIHEAP.

  • To provide mental health and wellness services to promote health equity, access to care, and well-being for low-income immigrants in DuPage County.

  • (Funded by an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To improve DuPage County seniors' physical and mental health by offering evidence-based health programs and socialization activities.

  • To support wellness and educational programs for LGBTQ+ youth, family programs, and education to youth-serving adults, all to create a more welcoming, inclusive, and safe community.

  • (Funded by the Paula K. Partipilo Fund)
    To support the Strong Families Parent Mentor program and Parent Education workshops that build on family strength, foster family resilience, and minimize the risk of child abuse and neglect.

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