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Fall 2023 Grant Recipients

Total Education Grants (18): $278,925
  • (Funded by Andi Stelzner Pass-Through Fund)
    To recruit, train, and guide faculty and students at select schools to build mutually enriching friendships between students with intellectual or developmental disabilities and adults.

  • To support Spanish translation of parent and youth education materials for popular sex education programs so Hispanic students and parents/guardians can gain essential information and skills.

  • (Funded by Phil and Judy Barnett Family Fund)
    To support the Early Intervention program to give children with hearing loss the foundation and skills needed to learn, listen, and talk.

  • (Partially funded by a pass-through gift from the Langert Foundation)
    To support up to 45 residents with laptops and basic computer skills training, helping families to thrive in today's digital world.

  • To provide tutoring/mentoring to help Latinx students improve English language skills and build critical skills to prepare for post-high school education.

  • (Funded by JCS Arts, Health and Education Fund)
    To support the Learning Labs, Wonder Clubs, and Museum Pop Up programs that empower children to learn through hands-on exploration in arts and STEM.

  • To support a leadership development program for teens that teaches the art, science, and business of philanthropy by providing hands-on experiences in grantmaking, fundraising, and community service.

  • (Funded by Beth and Daniel Maguire Family Fund, Pane E Pesci Fund, and an anonymous donor-advised fund)
    To train low-income seniors in the use of computers, tablets, and cell phones to enhance social connectedness and improve access to services where digital technology skills are needed.

  • (Funded by a pass-through gift from Betty W. Smykal)
    To support the academic and social emotional growth of more under-resourced K-12 students by expanding GECRC’s after school and summer programs and social emotional learning initiatives.

  • To prepare individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities for jobs in the retail or customer service industry.

  • (Partially funded by Pane e Pesci Fund and Robinwood Legacy Fund)
    To support the College Access & Success Program, which helps low-income and first-generation students navigate the college admissions process.

  • (Funded by Phil and Judy Barnett Family Fund, Pane e Pesci Fund, Sue Wallace Fund, and a pass-through gift from the Langert Foundation)
    To provide year-round financial literacy education via workshops and individual coaching empowering low-to-moderate income individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency and financial stability.

  • To support programs that educate middle school, high school, and college students in the development of entrepreneurship and business skills.

  • (Funded by Phil and Judy Barnett Family Fund, Pane e Pesci Fund, and Shebik Family Fund For Basic Human Needs)
    To empower youth with the social emotional skills needed for positive mental health, self-sufficiency, and to be leaders in their lives, future jobs, and communities.

  • To support one-to-one tutoring for DuPage County adults who want to learn English or improve their language skills for self-sufficiency, leading to safer, more productive lives.

  • (Partially funded by Phil and Judy Barnett Family Fund and a pass-through gift from the Langert Foundation)
    To facilitate the Upstart program which prepares young men and women for careers in manufacturing and the construction trades.

  • To support a program that provides education and training about all aspects of autism spectrum disorder to increase awareness and decrease the stigma around autism in the general community.

  • To support clinics that instruct veterans, first responders, and children with special needs how to use adaptive golf equipment to support them physically, cognitively, and psychologically.

Total Arts & Culture Grants (21): $215,175
  • (Partially funded by Phil and Judy Barnett Family Fund)
    To provide world-class choral education tailored to a range of developmental needs and aspirations by supporting music-based activities for children in kindergarten through third grade.

  • To support operations during the 2023-24 season to continue expanding programs that enlighten, educate, and entertain.

  • To support educational, outreach, and production capabilities and celebrate the 37th season of professional artists “giving stories life.

  • To support a range of artists, lectures, and performances featured in the 23/24 McAninch Arts Center season.

  • To support three performing arts productions that provide low-cost opportunities for community members to attend and expand opportunities for amateur actors to perform.

  • (Funded by Donor Advised Fund For Needy Children)
    To support instrumentalists for the 65th concert season that is focused on Diversity and Tradition in Harmony.

  • (Funded by History DuPage Fund)
    To celebrate DuPage County’s rich history of presidential encounters, iconic childhood toys, and coming of age experiences.

  • (Funded by JCS Arts, Health and Education Fund)
    To present a season of live orchestral concerts supported by strategic online educational resources to inform, excite, and educate the general public on the transformative power of classical music.

  • (Partially funded by JCS Arts, Health and Education Fund)
    To support exhibition and family programming for “Designing Donkey Hodie: Behind the Scenes of a Children's Show” that will attract a broad and diverse audience.

  • To support the "Intimate Evening With…" series that features nationally known public personalities who share their accomplishments and unique career experiences.

  • (Funded by Donor Advised Fund for Needy Children)
    To support the conductor's salary for the fiscal year.

  • (Funded by JCS Arts, Health and Education Fund)
    To collaborate with community arts institutions to utilize groundbreaking artistry to create community, encourage inclusion, and celebrate survivorship.

  • To support concert performances at senior living facilities.

  • (Funded by JCS Arts, Health and Education Fund)
    To support operational expenses such as the purchase of music and equipment, hired musicians, audio technical support, and staff.

  • To update gallery walls that will provide the Fine Arts Center and Gallery a more flexible and inclusive way to showcase the art of members, students, and collaborative partners.

  • To support eight services of Opera for the Young's adaptation of Grétry’s "Beauty and the Beast" in DuPage County elementary schools, featuring a student chorus prepared by host music teachers.

  • To support attendance of local middle school students at a matinee performance that enriches their cultural and community experience through an accessible, no-cost field trip.

  • To support “Arts for All,” that will provide broad access to dance performance and educational opportunities for local school children, seniors, low-income families, and individuals with disabilities.

  • (Partially funded by Phil and Judy Barnett Family Fund)
    To enhance choral education through collaborations with local musicians, instructors, and organizations and to promote the organization to local communities and potential singers.

  • To purchase sound production equipment to improve the listening experience for audience members.

  • To support the commission of a choral work by local composer Lee Kesselman for the YNS intermediate choirs in honor of the organization's 40th Anniversary Season.

Total Environment Grants (4): $77,500
  • (Funded by the JCS Arts, Health and Education Fund and a pass-through gift from Joan Morrissey)
    To support environmental programs that engage people of all ages to participate in actions that protect and conserve natural resources and benefit the health of our community.

  • (Partially funded by a pass-through gift from Molex)
    To implement meaningful nature-based experiences for DuPage residents that address barriers to access and build partner capacity to continue those programs into the future.

  • (Partially funded by a pass-through gift from the Langert Foundation)
    To support the Youth Volunteer program to provide unique and expert-led hands-on opportunities to shape and diversify the next generation of STEM professionals.

  • (Partially funded by Robinwood Legacy Fund)
    To support programs where participants will gain an appreciation for nature and its conservation, as demonstrated by earning outdoor experience and conservation-related merit badges.

Total Animal Welfare Grants (3): $34,000
  • (Funded by Martha J. Johnson Fund)
    To support the Blessed Bonds Crisis Assistance program that provides care for pets when their families are experiencing personal or financial crises.

  • To support programs that help residents in need medically care for and feed their pets to ensure that they can stay in their home.

  • (Partially funded by Effort Counts Twice Fund)
    To support the animal care program that provides access to spay/neuter procedures for homeless pets to prevent overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia.

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