The DuPage Foundation Bright & Early Initiative has provided grant funds for local community organizations to leverage local resources in creating formal community early childhood collaboratives. These collaboratives will more effectively support efforts to deliver early childhood care and education within their communities. Collaboratives established to date include those listed here. Contact them for more information on local resources and services available.

Addison Early Childhood Collaborative
The Addison Early Childhood Collaboration is a group of committed partners who have been working collaboratively to meet the needs of vulnerable families with young children who live in the Addison community. The vision of the Addison Early Childhood Collaboration (AECC) is to ensure that all children from birth in the Addison community are safe, healthy and equipped to learn. The mission is to ensure that coordinated and comprehensive quality early childhood experiences are available, accessible and utilized by the diverse families and young children of Addison so they can achieve their maximum potential. This collaborative has received funding from the DuPage Foundation. More information:

Mary Haley, Project Director, Addison Early Childhood Collaborative
Metropolitan Family Services DuPage
Phone: 630.392.9353 | Email:

Bensenville Early Childhood Collaboration
A group of Bensenville partners had been meeting around the early childhood issue for many years but recently formalized their efforts as a result of the Foundation’s Bright & Early DuPage initiative. Accordingly, BELS is now working to ensure awareness and access to quality early childhood services for all Bensenville families, especially those at risk. This collaborative has received funding from the DuPage Foundation. More information:

Christy Poli, LCSW, Birth to Three Coordinator, Bensenville School District 2
Phone: 630-766-2602 x4237 | Email:

Carol Stream, Hanover Park, and Bloomingdale Birth to 5 Community Coalition
More than 13 community organizations and Community Consolidated School District 93 are beginning to develop a new collaborative effort to promote a unified, supportive network of strong early childhood systems, resources, and supports for children birth to 5 and their families. This collaborative has received Early Childhood Consulting Services from the DuPage Foundation. More information:

Michelle Scharinger, Birth-3 Coordinator/School Psychologist for the Carol Stream Early Childhood Collaborative
Phone: 630-307-3839 | Email:

Early Childhood Regional Collaboration
The vision of the Early Childhood Regional Collaboration is to ensure that each and every child in DuPage County enters kindergarten safe, healthy, ready to succeed and eager to learn. Key functions of the Early Childhood Regional Collaboration include:

  • Coordination of training and technical assistance of early childhood service providers

  • Providing assistance and resources for newly developing collaborative efforts

  • Development and/or dissemination of materials about the importance of investment in young children

  • Providing data and information to support early childhood service providers and the development of programs

This collaborative has received funding from the DuPage Foundation. More information:

FaKelia Guyton, MA, Program Director, DuPage Early Childhood Regional Collaboration
Phone: 630-592-8337 | Email:

Wheaton/Warrenville Early Childhood Collaborative
The Mission of the Wheaton/Warrenville Early Childhood Collaborative (WWECC) is to effectively coordinate services focused on providing opportunities for learning success and improved kindergarten readiness for all Community Unit School District 200 children birth to age five, especially those most vulnerable.

The WWECC is a group of community agencies, early childhood service providers and supporters of early childhood in DuPage county working to improved kindergarten readiness through:

  • Promoting the coordination of services and improving communication among early childhood service providers;

  • Increasing parent education about early childhood development needs; and

  • Increasing professional development for early childhood service providers.

This collaborative has received funding from the DuPage Foundation. More information:

Elise Schram, MPH, CHES, Project Director, Wheaton/Warrenville Early Childhood Collaborative
Phone: 630-784-4860 | Email:

We Go Together for Kids
WeGo Together for Kids (WeGo) is a community collaboration with more than 40 partners supporting West Chicago students and their families in achieving success. The mission of WeGo is to address the health, safety and well-being of students and families through a collaborative, coordinated and comprehensive approach for West Chicago schools and community. The vision is for all members of the community to support each other in creating an environment for growth, wellness, safety, happiness and wisdom. More information:

Marjory Lewe-Brady, Director of Partnerships
Phone: 630-293-6000 x225 | Email: